Pound Ridge Community Church, Pound Ridge

Photograph by Gray Williams

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Westchester County: A History

Field Horne

"Field Horne's much-needed new book chronicles Westchester history well, and without too much cumbersome detail." -Barbara Davis, New Rochelle City Historian.

2018. 257 pages; 225 illustrations, 110 in full color. Softcover, perfect bound. $40.00. Shipping $6.00.

The Cemeteries of Westchester County

Patrick J. Raftery

A comprehensive reference work of the County's cemeteries, as well as a detailed history of the families who have settled here over many generations. From the foreward by cemetery expert Gray Williams: "Patrick Raftery has made an enormous contribution to the history of Westchester with this definitive catalog of all its known churchyards, family graveyards and public cemeteries, including both those that still exist and those that have disapppeared. He has combined exhaustive documentary research with painstaking observation and photography to provide what will unquestionably prove to be an enduring reference. But from his detailed descriptions there also emerges a revealing account of how the commemoration of the dead has evolved over the centuries and of how this evolution reflects changes in society itself."

The Cemeteries of Westchester County, Volumes I - III

2011. 789 pages in 3 volumes, over 1,200 illustrations. Spiral bound. $75.00. Shipping $6.00.

The Cemeteries of Westchester County, Volume IV, The Cemeteries of the Bronx

2016. 418 pages; over 600 maps, photographs and illustrations. Spiral bound. $40.00. Shipping $6.00.

The Cemeteries of Westchester County, Volumes I - IV (complete set)

2011, 2016. $115.00. Shipping $6.00.

Picturing Our Past: National Register Sites in Westchester County

Gray Williams

"Picturing Our Past is a feast for the eyes....Meticulously researched, Gray Williams' images and text fix your vision on each subject and then draw you into the heart and soul of its history. A dazzling achievement." -Roger Panetta, Chair, History Department, Fordham University, Marymount.

2003. 492 pages; 615 illustrations, 365 in full color. Clothbound. $45.00. Shipping $6.00.

On the Streets Where We Lived

Harold A. Esannason, with contributing writers William Brown, Jr., Leola Tilly Bryant, Theodore J. Lee, Jr. and Dorothy Mitchell Young.

Illustrated with hundreds of color and black and white images, On The Streets Where We Lived is a pictorial history and tribute that sheds insight on the everyday lives of African-Americans who lived in White Plains in the early 20th century. Their story is told through cherished and beautifully preserved photographs brought into light out of attics and dusty boxes.

2011. 108 pages, color and black and white illustrations. Hardcover $50.00. Shipping $6.00.

A Study Of African-American Life in Yonkers From The Turn Of The Century

Harold A. Esannason and Vinnie Bagwell, with contributing writers Cassandra Alston and Thomas R. Gross

This richly illustrated book chronicles the story of African-Americans in Yonkers during the 20th century. Among the topics addressed are civic organizations, neighborhoods, businesses, local celebrities, civil rights and segregation.

1993. 64 pages, illustrations. Hardcover. $35.00. Shipping $6.00.

The Guide to Genealogical Research in Westchester County, NY

Marjorie, Renino

Completely revised and updated, this book is the bible for genealogical research in Westchester.

1986. Revised Edition, 2003. Maps, over 300 pages. Spiral-bound with laminated cover. $45.00. Shipping $6.00.

The Westchester Historian: Volume 85, Number 3, Summer 2009

William Quirin, Ph.D

"Under the Apple Tree: the History of Golf in Westchester County." Westchester County played a pivotal role in the history of golf in America. The historian of the Metropolitan Golf Association, Dr. William Quirin, recounts this illustrious history in a special full-color, double issue.

2009. 66 pages, full color. $15.00. Shipping $5.00.

To End the War at White Plains

Moncrieff J. Spear

A new examination of the Battle of White Plains and of the events leading up to this important event in Westchester—and United States—history.

2002. Maps. 147 pages. Paperback. $12.95. Shipping $5.00.

History of Westchester County, New York

J. Thomas Scharf

This reprint of Scharf's monumental history has slightly larger type than the original and is printed on acid-free paper. No genealogist or local history buff should be without it.

1992 reprint of the original 1886 edition. Maps, illustrations. Two volumes. Clothbound. $150.00. Shipping $6.00.

Personal Name Index to J. Thomas Scharf's History of Westchester County

Compiled by Elizabeth G. Fuller

An index to the 10,000 personal names in Scharf's History makes that landmark work accessible to researchers, genealogist and local historians.

1988. 160 pages. Paperback. $25.00. Shipping $5.00.

The Westchester Historian

All issues of the journal are available from 1925 to the present. Most are original; some are photocopies.

Individual copies: $10.00. Completel set: $750.00. Microfilm (16mm), vols. 1-65, 1925-1989: $200.00.

The Westchester Historian, individual copy.
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The Westchester Historian, complete set

The Westchester Historian,
microfilm, vols. 1-65, 1925-1989

Index To the Westchester Historian, vols. 1-65, 1925-1989

Compiled by Elizabeth G. Fuller

A complete author and subject index.

88 pages. Paperback. $25.00. Shipping $5.00.

Index To the Westchester Historian, vols. 66-86, 1990-2017

Compiled by Elizabeth G. Fuller, Diana D. Deichert and Patrick Raftery

63 pages. Paperback. $10.00. Shipping $5.00.

Lives Well Spent: Westchester County Obituaries and Death Notices in the Eastern State Journal, May 1845-April 1875

Compiled by Elizabeth G. Fuller

320 pages. Paperback. $50.00. Shipping $6.00.

For Better or Worse: Westchester County Marriage Notices in the Eastern State Journal, May 1845-April 1875

Compiled by Elizabeth G. Fuller

244 pages. Paperback. $45.00. Shipping $6.00.

Indexes to Westchester County Names in the Federal Censuses, 1790-1840

Compiled by Elizabeth G. Fuller

676 pages. Paperback. Four volumes. Set $50.00, individual volumes $15.00. Shipping: set $6.00, individual volumes $5.00.

Volume 1: 1790-1800

Volume 2: 1810-1820

Volume 3: 1830

Volume 4: 1840

All four volumes: 1790-1840