Thomas Paine Cottage, New Rochelle

Photograph by Gray Williams

Historic Properties Listing

PropertyPound Ridge Historic District
MunicipalityPound Ridge
Street Number
Street AddressPound Ridge Road; Westchester Avenue; Salem Road; Trinity Pass; Upper Shad Road

Historic District NamePound Ridge Historic District
Local Landmark Status?Yes  01/05/88
Local Landmark District Status?   
National Register District Status? Yes  12/10/85
County Register Status?   
National Register Status?   
National Historic Landmark Status?   
National Historic Landmark District Status?   
State Register Status? Yes  08/13/85
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ArchitectVarious, Hiram Halle
Building TypeMixed Use
Building Type, Details
Architectural StyleOther (describe)
Architectural Style, DetailsMixed, Late Victorian, Colonial Revival
Current UseMixed Use
Current Use, Details
Original UseMixed Use
Original Use, Details
Structural ConditionGood
NeighborhoodMixed Use
Threats to Building
Site IntegrityOriginal Site
Date Moved
Year Built1758-1935
Structural SystemVarious
Structural System, Details
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Date of Alterations

SignificanceThe Pound Ridge Historic District is significant as a rare example of a rural hamlet that retains architectural and spatial characteristics and historical associations that illustrate family and community life patterns in eastern Westchester County in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Although most of the buildings in the historic district have evolved through at least two stages of improvements (one wave done by businessman Hiram Halle), the district continues to reflect the Connecticut origins of the community’s founders. It is a reminder of the political power and social preeminence enjoyed for over a century by a single settlement-period family, the Lockwoods, in an agrarian town. While retaining its rural character and surroundings of the hamlet the historic district also reflects the expansion of metropolitan New York into rural areas that occurred between the two World Wars. For more information, refer to the files maintained by the Westchester County Historical Society.
DescriptionThe Pound Ridge Historic District is located in the town and hamlet of Pound Ridge in far eastern Westchester County, two miles north of the Connecticut border. The district encompasses almost the entire hamlet. The core and center of the district, where development is densest and the religious, commercial, civic and other historically non-residential buildings are concentrated, is located on Westchester Avenue near Pound Ridge Road. Outside of this core, buildings are located on relatively large lots along the gently curving tree-lined roads. The historic district of approximately ninety-five acres contains fifty-two buildings on thirty-four properties. The buildings in the district were constructed between 1758 and ca. 1950, with the majority dating from the period between 1780 and 1852. For a complete list of all of the sites within the Pound Ridge Historic District refer to the files maintained by the Westchester County Historical Society.

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