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Photograph by Gray Williams

Richard Maass Collection on Arnold/Andre

Donated to the Westchester County Historical Society, 1998

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André, John

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_____. Another copy.
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_____. Another copy.
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André, John

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_____. Another copy.
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Andréana, containing the trial, execution and various matters connected with the history of Major John André....
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_____. Another copy.
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Arnold, Isaac N

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Also The source references .... 25pp. Inscribed by the author.

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New York (City). Common Council. Select Committee on Erecting a Monument to the Memory of John Paulding

Report ... with an address by the Mayor of the City of New-York. New York, William A. Davis, 1827. 47pp. Presentation copy inscribed by William Paulding, Mayor of New York, to General Jacob Odell of Yonkers.

Proceedings of a board of general officers held by order of His Excellency Gen. Washington ... respecting Major John André ... September 29, 1780, to which are appended, the several letters which passed to and from New-York on the occasion, etc.

Philadelphia, Francis Bailey, 1780. 21pp.

Proceedings of a general court-martial for the trial of Major General Arnold, with an introduction, notes and index.

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_____. Another copy.

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______. Another copy.

Second edition. Signed by the author on p.28.

______. Another copy.

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______. Another copy.

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Smith, Joshua Hett

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______. Another copy.

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Observations relative to the execution of Major John André as a spy in 1780, by James Thacher who was present at the execution. Reprinted from New England Magazine for May 1834. 15pp.

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